All planned and past public events in relation to the Wealth Gap project are posted here. The table provides an overview about conferences, workshops and public engagement events. For further details please follow the links or use the menu.

Event Venue Date
Launch Workshop Scottish Malt Whiskey Society, Edinburgh 3 July 2012
‘Conceptualising ‘consumers’ of financial services: A new approach?’ Workshop (Lorna Fox O’Mahony) Durham Law School, Durham 12 April 2013
Housing wealth in an Ageing Society: Intra-generational inequalities and inter-generational justice. Panel session at RC43 (Chair: Beverley Searle) University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands 10-12 July 2013
Mid-term Workshop Scottish Malt Whiskey Society, Edinburgh 6 September 2013
Adriana Soaita – “Homeownership-based welfare: Pathways to family wellbeing”, CHR Seminar Series CHR Boardroom, Buchanan Gardens, St. Andrews 19 November 2013,
12-1 pm
Beverley Searle “Housing Wealth and Family Welfare – An Introduction”
Stephan Köppe “Acquiring, Managing and Using Housing Assets: Longitudinal Evidence from Britain”
Adriana Soaita “Homeownership-based welfare: Pathways to family wellbeing”
Society Research Group Seminar Series
Room G6, Tower Building, University of Dundee 26 November 2014,
1-2 pm

Deconstructing Generation Rent: a one day seminar

(organisers: Tom Moore, Kim McKee, funder: HSA)

University of Sheffield 13 February 2015
Ricky Joseph: Giving and receiving financial support within families and its impact on family relationships, CHASM Seminar CHASM, Room 111, 1st floor, Business School, University of Birmingham 17 March 2015, 12.30-1.15 pm
Final Conference (by invitation) Royal Society, London 11 June 2015


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