Project Members

Project members gather after meeting at University of Birmingham in September 2012 (from left: Christopher Wilson, Karen Rowlingson, Ricky Joseph, Kim McKee, Louise Overton, David McCollum, Pauline McLoughlin, Lorna Fox O’Mahony).

Dr Beverley Searle (Principal Investigator)


Prof Lorna Fox O’Mahony (Co-Investigator, CI)
Dr Ricky Joseph (Research Fellow)
Prof Duncan MacLennan (CI)
Dr Kim McKee (CI)
Dr Louise Overton (Research Fellow)
Prof Karen Rowlingson (CI)
Dr Adriana Soaita (Research Fellow)


Associate and Former Members
Dr Stephan Köppe (Assistant Professor, University College Dublin, Ireland)
Prof Maarten van Ham (Professor of Urban Renewal, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands)
Dr David McCollum (Lecturer Human Geography)
Dr Pauline McLoughlin (Senior Policy Officer, Breast Cancer Network Australia)
Dr Tom Moore (Impact Officer, Sheffield Urban Institute)
Dr Christopher Wilson (Associate Professor in Demography, University of Oxford)


Steering Group

The Steering Group attends project meetings regularly and advises us during the research process. The members of the steering group provide their expertise when we finalise our research design and will help us to disseminate the research results to academia and expert audiences.

Kate Barker CBE Office for Budget Responsibility
Andy Brittan DWP Research and Statistics
Martyn Evans Carnegie UK Trust
Andrew McLaughlin Royal Bank of Scotland
Mistress Susan Smith Cambridge University
Jane Vass Age UK

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