Homes or Houses?

Dr. Kim McKee, Co-Director of the CHR, posted a blog for Shelter Scotland on the future of housing in Scotland. After the independence referendum she demands to rethink tenure choices in Scotland and argues for a housing policy that guarantees safe and warm homes people can shape for their individual demands irrespective of being owners […]

Help to Wealth-Fare?

Dr Beverley Searle published a comment on the ‘Help to Buy’ scheme at Discover Society, a website dedicated to social research, policy analysis and commentary. Searle critically assesses the new scheme and comes to the conclusion that it will increase housing wealth inequalities instead of reducing them. The blog can be found here: A […]

Participants aged 35-44 (UK residents) needed!

Are you willing to take part in a 45 min phone interview to be arranged at a date/time convenient to you? We are looking for homeowners or renters aged 35-44, located anywhere in the UK. If you would like to help us, please contact Adriana Soaita at About our study Housing wealth and household […]

RC43 presentations and roundtable

Wealth Gap members participated at the RC43 Conference in Amsterdam last week. They presented several papers or discussed issues of intergenerational justice at a round table. Should you be interested in the papers, please contact the authors. Beverley Searle chaired the session on Intergenerational Relations – Housing Wealth and Resource Transfers which attract a lot […]

Paying for care: what matters is how you get there

The Government’s announcement today concerning the level of the ‘lifetime cap’ on personal and nursing care fees is an important landmark in the emergence of a new settlement for the funding of long term care.  While the announcement has been quickly pushed off the headlines by accompanying statements on negative GDP growth, the stalling of […]