Workshop ‘Conceptualising ‘consumers’ of financial services: A new approach?’

Mind the (Housing) Wealth Gap is involved in the workshop ‘Conceptualising ‘consumers’ of financial services: A new approach?’. Professor Lorna Fox Mahony and Dr Folarin Akinbami are hosting the event at the Durham Law School on 12 April 2013. Recent changes to the Financial Services Bill imply a significant discursive shift towards a consumer rhetoric. […]

HOUWEL project launched

The European Research Council funds a new comparative research project related to Wealth Gap. Richard Ronald leads the five year project “Housing markets and welfare state transformations: How family housing property is reshaping welfare regimes” or shortly HOUWEL at the University of Amsterdam. Together with partners in Britain, Germany, Italy, Romania and Japan they investigate […]



If you were born between 1945-1965, and have an adult child aged 18 or above, and a parent of any age in good health we would like to hear from you. Our study, Giving and Receiving Financial Support Within Families in the 21st Century, conducted by the University of Birmingham, aims to gain a better […]

Settling on the least bad option: Are policymakers finally confronting the age-old question of how to fund long-term care?

Today in its long awaited White Paper on the reform of the funding system for elderly care the Government signalled its broad support for the recommendations of the Dilnot Commission, including an upper cap on the amount that any individual pays for their long-term care. Whilst the focus was specifically on England it has long […]

Mind the Gap: successful project launch workshop

We had invited experts, stakeholders and academics to our launch workshop in Edinburgh on 3 July 2012. Thank you to all participants who provided their expertise and supported us with valuable comments and remarks on our research design. For further information please go to the press release:,88478,en.html