RC43 presentations and roundtable

Wealth Gap members participated at the RC43 Conference in Amsterdam last week. They presented several papers or discussed issues of intergenerational justice at a round table. Should you be interested in the papers, please contact the authors.


Wealth Gap team at Intergenerational Relations Session

Beverley Searle chaired the session on Intergenerational Relations – Housing Wealth and Resource Transfers which attract a lot of interest as we ran out of chairs. Stephan Köppe presented his paper ‘Are Housing Pathways an Adequate Metaphor? More Complex Life Courses with more Diverse Tenure Choices‘. It followed the paper ‘The Generation Game: Financial Transfers within Families in the UK‘ by Karen Rowlingson, Ricky Joseph and Louise Overton. The session was concluded with a paper from Lorna Fox O’Mahony and Louise Overton on ‘Two Nations in Old Age: Consumer Risk and the Regulation of Equity Release Transactions‘. Our colleagues Bettina Isengard and Rowan Arundel presented also very interesting papers in that session.


Round Table: Ray Forrest, Willem Boterman, Karen Rowlingson, Beverley Searle, Bettina Isengard
(from left to right)

Prof Karen Rowlingson and Dr Beverley Searle joined also the round table ‘Generational gaps and intergenerational solidarity in the housing market?‘ Richard Ronald convened the round table session with the colleagues Ray Forrest, Bettina Isengard and Willem Boterman. The discussion revealed that ageing is a complex matter with enormous challenges for housing, and housing wealth in particular. Dr Searle emphasised that despite problems ahead, politics has the power to change the status quo and implement effective housing policies to address issues of housing inequality between and within generations.

Though not directly related to the Wealth Gap project, Adriana Soaita presented a very interesting paper in the Housing Inequality session on ‘Overcrowding and ‘under-occupancy’ in Romania: a case study of housing inequality‘.

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